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I have been in the lookout for thought-provoking posts. The last time I had deep introspection about matters had been months ago.

I’ve been busy with a lot of things outside the apartment, and the set-up where I sleep do not favor such endeavors.

It’s great that Holy week came, many people are on their homes right now, and I am enjoying the solitude, quietness and idleness brought by it.

This is a good physical and social rest as well.

So, hello there, do you want to talk about things?

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I noticed a while ago, while having some good time playing some songs with easy chords, that if I am to level up this guitar playing I need to do the difficult things I never wanted to do (in this case, learn to do bar chords).

I realized as well that this is a reality in the other aspects of our life. There are things that you need to do no matter how hard it is from the start because it will bring a major level up to a particular skill/knowledge/technique.

Just like when we were taught to write when we were still kids. It was hard and really painful and tiring to write a lot of As and Bs at first until it became easy as time passed by. 

Do you remember the time when you also wanted to learn to play a musical instrument just like a friend/relative whom you saw playing? What did you do with that desire? Did you get yourself a guitar and practiced playing or did you just gave up because it was hard and you thought you cannot reach a certain level of playing?

Friends, every good person at a particular area started just like almost everyone else. Maybe there were gifted ones, but practicing and being good at a particular skill is not limited to those gifted people only. 

In any skill, starting to learn it is difficult. Much more in continuing to hone it. And remember, there will be pain and discomfort as you try to level up. But I hope you won’t give up just because there is that momentary discomfort.

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I am very much happy right now, despite the fact that I am in financial lack, because I get to do the things that I want to do. I get to learn more about the volunteer ministry that I am in. I am a Sound Tech, by the way.

When I was starting in this, I never thought that I will reach a point where I would love doing it, and I’ll strive to learn more about it. I thank the Lord for the passion he has given me, and the grace that has sustained me and enabled me to do these things out of love.

I am able to do this not because I am good, and I am just interested in it. I am able to do this because the love of Christ enables me to do so. It enables me to give my best, in the hopes that I might be of help in reaching out more people and leading them to Christ by providing good quality sounds.

After all, he deserves the best. And another thing is that, “faith comes by hearing” (Romans 10:17)- i’ve heard this verse used in a PreSonus conference video. Hehe. :)

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Hi, I am Alxis. I am a volunteer sound tech during worship services and I love to learn more about the matter. :D 

I just find it so exciting to get to know more about mixing and giving all the tech support I can give to the music team performing in the stage.

I love to work in the sidelines. I love being one of those that are not in the spotlight.

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When God Gave Me An Amount in a SNAP!

This year, all campus victory group leaders from the whole South Luzon area will be gathering for a camp (see picture), and I am one of them.

Photo above not mine (taken from our facebook group)

There is however a problem before because my salary is delayed for two months now and I really cannot figure out where will I get the money to pay for the whole camp. The deadline for the first installment of the payment was last friday, Feb 28, and I am part of the crowd who was not able to pay due to lack of funds.

"It is only my salary which can really finance this", I tell myself, so I started praying for our project budget to arrive already so that I can already have my salary and pay for the reg fee. Abie, my batch mate in college and now a campus missionary, encouraged me to believe that this time, God will provide for me a reg fee, and even something bigger so that I will become a channel of blessing as well.

I actually doubted that.

However, God did something.

A VG Leader named Lem told me to find teammates and join Labu-Labo, a general quiz contest open for all UPLB Constituents. I thought about it, and I was not really that game to join until leader, Austin (who happens to be Lem’s housemate) invited me to his team and really join the contest.

I never knew until that day, March 3, that the twist of the contest was that the second prize winner will emerge as champion with a cash prize of P20,000.

To make the long story short, we won second prize. Our team, PATA TEAM, won that 20,000. Austin, Primus (another churchmate), and I won the second prize!

Figure above not mine (It was Julie Aiza’s, and i just edited it)

A lot of things happened during that quiz contest. We started from Block 11 spot, and made our way to the 1st place spot, and we eventually became second placers after the last question.

We are very sure that it was God who moved and orchestrated those minute details of our pursuit. Anything could have happened during the game- we could have just been 1st placers, or non-placers at all.

We split the price three-way after removing the 2,000 tithe.

We were mind blown.

I used my whole share to pay my registration fee in the camp in full, and blessed two people with enough amount to pay for their first installment fee.

Ephesians 3:20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us” was resounding in my head.

Just two days ago, I remember God’s power in providing anything in a snap with the verse from Psalm 74:15 "You split open springs and brooks; you dried up ever-flowing streams." 

I can’t contain my happiness during the following days. God is so great, so creative, so awesome.

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We are still in Tagum and I’m always full because we always eat a lot.
I am just fooling around right now because I can’t find time to be introspective and write something deep.

We are still in Tagum and I’m always full because we always eat a lot.
I am just fooling around right now because I can’t find time to be introspective and write something deep.

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Being His Son

I believe I am in that season right now where God affirms to me that He is my father- a father whom I can run into when I am not okay, a father whom I can depend on at times I do not know what to do, a father who can just hold my hand and lead me to the place I need to be in, and a father who provides not only for the things that I need, and even those that I want.

Despite having financial constraints, I am being blessed continually with things that I have been asking God for- things I do not know where I’ll get the money to have it.

All this time, what I did was to just audaciously ask God to give it to me. I’ve been somehow shedding tears whenever I pray because I am very much comforted by the fact that when I approach Him as a father, I do not calculate the things that I ask, for he is limitless and He can provide anything according to His will.

The feeling is just like being a five-year old child again, asking his father to buy him that toy he saw on a display at a particular department store. A boy not calculating if his father can pay for it, because there’s just that familiar feeling that his father can really get it for him.

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I am just so happy to see my name on the list. The results were disclosed through email three weeks ago. I just want to post this photo.

I am just so happy to see my name on the list. The results were disclosed through email three weeks ago. I just want to post this photo.

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My Heavenly Father

Actually, sometimes, I find it hard to approach God as my father when it comes to asking some of the things that I need and I want. I have been used to calculating my abilities and what I can do with my hands before asking God to give it to me (as if the provision will be dependent on my ability to produce things).

I sometimes fail to grasp that He is a father that is rich, and is willing to give me good gifts when I ask them (Matthew 7:7) as long as it is according to his will, and that he can do immeasurably more than what I ask and imagine according to His power (Ephesians 3:20).

I find it unhealthy sometimes when I find myself calculating the things that I am praying for, limiting my prayers into faith goals that could be easily attained. Limiting the room for the grace of God to work.

This start of the year, I experienced something that made me felt like God was telling me, “My son, I can give you provision regardless of your state right now. I can give you your wants and needs. I can do immeasurably more than what you can ask and imagine. You do not have to calculate your prayers. I am your Provider, I am your father.”

Well, that makes me cry. I don’t sometimes grasp even the idea of a father’s love. I am however comforted by the fact that my God is also my father and I am his son.

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Something New

Today, I experienced two things that I never thought will happen.

1. I watched a seminar today just because I wanted it and found it interesting. During my college days, I only watch seminars because they were required by my respective classes and it can add up to one’s credentials. However, a while ago, I went into a seminar that talks about the patentability of DNA Sequences, just because I found it interesting.

2. I finally penetrated Jave Avenue! This is a party place, and I was able to enter its premises a while ago due to an event organized by a class led by a good friend of mine. It was a nice feeling knowing that it was an area which you never considered to tread on during college. HAHA

Weird day. Great day.